LifeCycle Fitness Studio is a boutique style studio offering a variety of indoor cycling and group fitness classes. We are a SPINNING certified facility with 15 customer STAR TRAC NXT SPINNER bikes which are maintained on a regular basis. Our 1800 square foot, one of a kind studio is designed with state-of-the-art Cerwen- Vega surround sound audio system, 100” high definition projector screen, synchronized dance floor lighting and club like atmosphere. Whether you are in a SPIN, ZUMBA, Yoga or Body Definition class, at LifeCycle Fitness Studio your experience with us will be like no other! It will heighten your senses, energize, invigorate and motivate you to push to levels you didn’t know you could achieve!

LifeCycle Fitness Studio is the first of its kind in Hernando County. We are not a “big box” gym nor will we ever be. Our primary focus is our customers and because of that we will always bring you the BEST instructors, the BEST audio and visual, the BEST atmosphere and the BEST customer service. We have a few simple policies that we have based our whole business model around and those are:

  • Stress free environment! Our lives are already full of the day to day chaos that life throws us. Let LifeCycle Fitness Studio be your sanctuary not your stress. It is proven that in addition to the health benefits exercise has on our bodies, it is a huge source of stress relief. We only allow positive energy to walk through our Studio doors and we always leave the drama at home!
  • Feel free to be yourself. When you walk through our door we want you to be comfortable no matter what your fitness level is and what size or shape you are. Our wish is for you to share your goals with us and work as a team to help you achieve those goals and NEVER feel like you are being scrutinized, judged or intimidated.

We sincerely hope that our passion turns into your passion. We want our customers to look forward to coming to our Studio and miss it when they can’t. We are always open to suggestions and questions so please never hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

Can’t wait to see you soon!