General Questions

Q: How much do classes cost?

A: We offer many different ways to Ride, Sweat, Tone and Move and we never force you into a contract or make you pay any sign-up or maintenance fees!

Your first Class is ALWAYS free. Once you’re hooked (and you will be) the prices are as follows:

  • 1 Credit: $12
  • 5 Credits: $50
  • 10 Credits: $80
  • 20 Credits: $120
  • Single Person Monthly Unlimited Pass: $50 (reocurring monthly payment)

Class credits are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

1 credit is equal to one hour.

10% Discount applies to Military, Teachers, EMT, Fire, Police, Nurses, Students and Seniors over 60 years young.

Q: Can I share my class passes with a friend or family member?

A: No, each person must set up their own online account and purchase their own classes.

Q: What is LifeCycle Fitness Studio’s late policy?

A: Reserved spots are given up within 5 minutes of the class start time to walk-in’s. We will make every effort to hold your reservation but want everyone to get a chance to work out. If you know you will be running late, please give the studio a call and we will hold your spot.

Q: What are the cancellation and no show policy?

A: LifeCycle Fitness Studio implements a 6 hour cancellation and/ or no show policy. If you think you will be unable to attend a class that you have already reserved a spot in, please cancel at least 6 hours before the class is scheduled to start. If you do not cancel your class or you do not show up for the class, your account will still be charged a credit, since this is a spot we could have saved for another customer. To cancel a class, simply log onto your account on our website, find the class and cancel. Your account will be credited back for that class if within the parameters listed above. You may also call or email your cancellation.

Q: How do I sign up, register and pay for classes?

A: LifeCycle Fitness Studio has made it easier than ever to sign up, reserve and pay for a spot in your favorite class. Simply follow these few easy steps:

  1. Create an account by registering on the web site. You will be asked a few simple questions your first time, and once your account has been created you can proceed to the next step.
  2. View and select class packages on the menu. Please remember that your first class is always free, so just by registering your account will automatically be credited for you to use in a class of your choice. However, you may also choose this time to purchase additional classes.
  3. Pick from one of our many classes and reserve your spot.
  4. Arrive at the studio for your class and let the instructor know it’s your first time. You will be given a key card which is used each time you attend a class at the self-service kiosk to check in.
  5. Have a wonderful time, a great work out and get your sweat on!

SPINNING Questions

Q: What is SPINNING?

A: A true SPIN class is always led by a Madd Dogg Athletics certified Instructor, riding on only STAR TRAC SPINNER bikes. The word SPINNING, SPIN and SPINNER are actually trademark names and should only be used by facility’s that are certified as an official SPINNING facility. The creators of the SPINNING program are the world leaders in indoor cycling as well as LifeCycle Fitness Studio’s ONLY choice in offering Hernando County’s FIRST Indoor Cycling Studio. We are proud to be an official Spinning studio and we hope you love it as much as we do!

Q: What benefits can I expect to get while SPINNING at LifeCycle Fitness Studio?


  • Weight Loss: SPINNING burns calories at a high rate. One can easily burn 600-1,000 calories in a 50-minute class. This makes SPINNING highly effective for weight loss.
  • Body Shaping and Strength Building: Builds core, legs, glutes and back strength.
  • Emotional Benefits: De-stressing and a healthy natural high! A SPIN class produces endorphin’s which are released into the brain leaving you feeling refreshed, satisfied, accomplished and wanting more.
  • Heart Health: Cardio activity improves overall health which helps keep you young and reduces the risk for heart disease.
  • Joint Health: SPINNING is a high intensity and low impact workout. The circular movement of the pedals eliminates pounding on joints and lower back. It is a great way to get in shape without damaging your body.

Q: I’ve never taken a SPINNING class before. What should I expect?

A: Every class is a little different, but one of the great things about the SPINNING program is that it is adaptable to each individual’s fitness level. Remember that it is not a competition. Listen to your body and adjust the resistance and cadence on your bike accordingly. If you’re a first timer we strongly suggest that you take the Intro to SPINNING class. Please check the schedule for dates and times and be sure to let your instructor know it is your first time. He or she can make sure your bike is properly adjusted and guide you through the basics of the SPINNING program’s core movements and program fundamentals such as heart rate training which will help you burn more calories, increase your strength and improve your overall fitness.

Q: Do I have to be in great shape to participate in a SPINNING class?

A: Anyone can benefit from the SPINNING program and because you can go at your own pace by controlling your own cadence and the resistance on your SPINNER bike, taking SPINNING classes is a great way to get fit. LifeCycle Fitness Studio does suggest that before starting any exercise program you should always consult with your family physician first.

Q: What makes a SPINNING class different from other group exercise classes?

A: Top-notch instructors, invigorating music and visualization come together to make SPINNING classes both fun and effective. If you have ever left a group exercise class feeling frustrated, you will appreciate that there are no complicated moves to learn with the SPINNING program. Regardless of how fit, flexible or coordinated you are, you’ll get a great workout.

Q: I have heard that SPINNING classes are very difficult and I am not sure I can keep up, is this true?

A: NO- At LifeCycle Fitness Studio we have a motto: “your world, your ride”. In other words one of the best things about the SPINNING program is that you truly go at your own pace- resistance and cadence is adjusted solely by you, making it as easy or as challenging as you need or want.

Q: How many calories will I burn in a SPINNING class, and what is the approximate equivalent distance in road miles traveled?

A: The number of calories you’ll burn depends on many factors, including your weight and the intensity at which you exercise. Research indicates that on average, participants burn about 400–600 calories in a 40-minute workout. The “distance” traveled depends on cadence; however as an estimate, an average 40-minute class at a cadence of 80–110 rpm is equivalent to approximately 15–20 miles on the road.

Q: How is taking a SPINNING class different than just riding a stationary or road bike?

A: A SPINNING class makes riding a stationary bike MUCH more fun by adding variety and visualization into your workout. A motivational group setting, energizing music and lights as well as inspiring instructors make our SPINNING classes an incredible experience. SPINNING also gives the ability to train for real road riding environments all while training in a safe, climate controlled environment virtually any time of, day or night.

Q: What type of gear do I need to participate in a SPINNING class and what should I bring to class?

A: Comfortable workout attire is all you need to get started. But the right gear can make a great class even better. Padded cycling shorts and moisture-wicking tops will make your ride more comfortable and a heart rate monitor will help you get the most from every workout. Bike shoes with built in clips on the soles can take your class to a whole new level. Make sure you bring a towel to keep your handlebars dry and lots and lots of water!

Q: Will taking Spinning classes make my legs bulk up?

A: The “climbs” that are incorporated into a SPINNING class simulate the experience of riding up a hill. Climbing is an excellent way to build strength, which means you not only get shapelier legs but also stoke your metabolism since muscle needs more calories to sustain it than fat does. However, most climbs only last a few minutes, which is not enough time to build big, bulky leg and butt muscles. If you’re ever in doubt share your training goals with your instructor and ask them to help you create the ride that’s right for you.

Q: If I have an injury from another sport is SPINNING class a good alternative?

A: While taking a SPINNING class may be an excellent way to cross train, only your doctor can determine if the SPINNING program is a safe option for you.

Q: What is the minimum age for a SPINNING class participant?

A: Each official SPINNING facility will have its own policy on age requirements, but here is some relevant information that should be useful in making decisions about age-appropriateness.

Size: Proper bike fit is very important for injury prevention. So participants need to be big enough to get their proper seat height and fore/aft adjustments. Generally speaking, SPINNER bikes should fit people who are at least 4′ 11″. But this is not an exact minimum height because leg and torso length are also the determining factors.

Age/Maturity: If kids are going to participate, they need to be mature and responsible enough to follow the safety rules. It can sometimes be tempting for kids to pedal as fast as they can, and that can be unsafe. Because the SPINNING bikes are a fixed gear bike, the weight of the flywheel can turn the pedals at a very high speed with a lot of momentum if there’s not enough resistance.

Youth fitness guidelines for resistance training: Pre-pubescent children should not “climb hills” on the SPINNER bike with heavy resistance on the flywheel. Youth fitness guidelines advise against resistance training for kids whose growth plates are still forming.