To make everyone’s LifeCycle Fitness Studio experience the very best it can be, please mind a few P’s and Q’s.

  1. Hydrate. Please always bring a water bottle and towel to class. Trust us, you’ll need them both. Don’t forget that LifeCycle Fitness Studio offers all of our customers complimentary Zephyrhills Spring Water, however you must bring your own sports bottle to fill, or you can purchase one from us.
  2. Antiperspirant. There is just no way to sugar coat it… please wear your deodorant. We are all working very hard and sweating like crazy, all while maintaining a very close proximity to one another. Please be sure to be mindful of your funk. If you forget, we have a whole supply of personal hygiene products in the bathroom or dressing room.
  3. Energy. Please be responsible for the energy you bring to the Studio! This is so very important! At LifeCycle Fitness Studio we ride as one, we encourage each other and we have positive attitudes. This will keep everyone invigorated and motivated. NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND!!!
  4. Social Butterflies. Please refrain from using your phone to talk and or text during class. We understand you’re popular, but out of respect for your instructors and fellow riders or classmates let it go to voicemail. This does not apply to medical or emergency providers who have no choice but to answer work calls. If a class is in session when you arrive, please be respectful and keep talking to a quiet minimum or kindly wait outside at the tables until the class is over.
  5. Bike Upkeep. We value our bikes and keep them in excellent condition with regular maintenance; after all, what is a cycling studio without immaculate bikes? We do our part, please do yours and wipe down the bikes at the end of your ride, and in between if you’re doubling. If you’re the last class of the night, we “tuck in” our bikes by lifting the seats and handlebars up to their maximum height and completely releasing all the tension on the knob.
  6. Spotless. Please help keep our studio clean by tidying up after yourself.
  7. Use the web site and self-service kiosk! We have made it so easy and automated for you, please take advantage of that. Register, reserve, and buy class packages online and then of course show up and check in at the kiosk. Our classes can get very full and often have a waitlist. If you sign up, then please show up. If you cannot make it to class, please cancel online by logging into your account on our website, of course you can always call or email. Please be aware of our cancellation policy.